The origins of Laura Domort

Laura Dominguez DesignerLaura Domort is Laura Domínguez Ortega for those who know her since her birth.
She is a remarkable and courageous student for those who have been witness to their stage of specialized training and professional growth. She is synonymous of distinction and personality for those who only know the maturity of her work.

Laura Domort born in 2004 with the illusion of a dream come true and the support of a professional career hardened in the business and design battles, because Laura Dominguez Ortega is a born entrepreneur and a vocation designer.

From an early age, she showed signs when, with the remnants of his father's factory, she made dresses for her dolls and made them photos with different outfits on the terrace of his house. Or when he drew sketches and asked his father to perform.

That game girl became a professional aspiration teenager who took her to pack up and leave for Madrid, with only 17, to study design at the Istituto Europeo di Design.

After completing his academic training at the IED in Milan, Italy, she joined the family business, where he began as an assistant pattern maker.

Formed academically as a designer, Laura is imbued in the bowels of business and doctored in the vital process of the product, since it is only the spawn of an idea in the design department, until it comes out like a reality in the market .

At this time, Laura Domort contact through business relationships of the family business, with designers of large fashion brands worldwide. In this culture broth, seasoned with personal ingenuity of the creative and entrepreneurial skills of the manager, Laura Dominguez Ortega becomes Laura Domort  and began her career as a brand in 2004.

Since then, the reality has traveled faster than their dreams and, in addition to create her own brand, she has carved a niche in the fashion market nationwide.

Laura Dominguez Ortega and her exclusive creations enjoy the freshness of her youth and the guarantee of the maturity of one who makes herself by dint of perseverance, enthusiasm and desire to excel.